Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bukit Bintang - 04.11.07

These boys were spotted shopping at an independent boutique called dolls store. You might not know this, but Harry LOVES to eat Ayam Masak Manis and Tom Yam at Santai, TTDI. Try it!

Madam Maggie Tan, however, has a more affluent taste. She frequents Shangri-La Hotel to dine at Zipangu and Shang Palace. By the way, her cobalt-blue trousers were tailored. She was grateful to have her picture taken because "it makes me feel like I am beautiful, even though I am old".


HunsBuns said...

loving the blog and linking it =)

we do need a street fashion blog!

Linolumixa said...

Tee-hee. Glad you dig it.

naboochadnezz said...

OMG this is soo The Sartorialist! tabik tabik! Liking the tailored pants a lot on this auntie. And notice how the reflexion of blue on her sunglasses compliments the photo? Oh I'm in heaven!