Monday, 12 November 2007

Louder Than Love, Zouk - 11.11.07


Anonymous said...

Hi Aina, you say “wearing clothes that best represent how we dress like in general, not just the ones who are fashion-forward” , I think “we” here refers to mainly how children, oops I mean indie teens dresses. How about the other segments, the Malaysian yuppies, the Malaysian rempits, the Malaysian cab drivers? Maybe you should think of changing the intro.

~ Cherzleen

Aina said...

Hm, yuppies? They usually gather at events that I have no access to... but I am working on it. Rempits? I'm scared they might bash me up. Cab drivers? Usually they are all dressed [sometimes sloppily] in white shirts and navy slacks. I don't have an expensive DSLR like what everyone has nowadays to make whoever I shoot look good, but I am glad you gave a slice of your mind. I shouldn't hang around the city too often.