Monday, 12 November 2007

Sakit Kepala Fest, MCPA Theatre; Pavilion - 10.11.07

Sakit Kepala Fest, MCPA Theatre.

Such impossibly straight hair! Najihah and Nabila comes from Pahang, and naturally, they enjoy eating ikan patin.

Noh is the frontman for popular local indie band Hujan. He got his UNKLE brand parka from Bandung, Indonesia. His favourite food can be found at Tun Jugah food court in Kuching. [this is Noh's second appearance in this blog; next time I'll make sure I know who I am shooting]


Izrin is a style advisor for TOPSHOP Pavilion. She likes to eat Tom Yam at Vicchuda, a Thai restaurant in Damansara Heights.

Evelyn's eatery of choice is Kiku-Zakura at Times Square.

Apologies to Amirul Helmy, your picture didn't turn out well.

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Anonymous said...

aww noh..he looks adorable