Friday, 30 November 2007


I Got Shot In The City will be taking a break until mid December, 2007. I am working on an exciting assignment which I will tell the whole world once it is completed. An advice to all KL dwellers - wear your best clothes!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Borders, The Curve - 24.11.07

Layering in tropical weather? You can count on the Quah brothers. What Will thinks about the illegal rally that is a hot topic in this country: "I am up for it; the government should listen to the people". When asked about his favourite Malaysian food, he digs the Nasi Kandar served at Lotus, near Hotel Nikko. Patrick agrees to his brother, saying that the people should have more freedom. He also likes to eat Curry Laksa.

TESCO, Mutiara Damansara - 19.11.07

This lady was wearing old-school Armani sunglasses, not because it's trendy, but she just had a cataract surgery.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Pavilion; KL Fashion Week, KL Convention Centre - 17.11.07

Monday, 12 November 2007

Louder Than Love, Zouk - 11.11.07

Sakit Kepala Fest, MCPA Theatre; Pavilion - 10.11.07

Sakit Kepala Fest, MCPA Theatre.

Such impossibly straight hair! Najihah and Nabila comes from Pahang, and naturally, they enjoy eating ikan patin.

Noh is the frontman for popular local indie band Hujan. He got his UNKLE brand parka from Bandung, Indonesia. His favourite food can be found at Tun Jugah food court in Kuching. [this is Noh's second appearance in this blog; next time I'll make sure I know who I am shooting]


Izrin is a style advisor for TOPSHOP Pavilion. She likes to eat Tom Yam at Vicchuda, a Thai restaurant in Damansara Heights.

Evelyn's eatery of choice is Kiku-Zakura at Times Square.

Apologies to Amirul Helmy, your picture didn't turn out well.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bukit Bintang - 04.11.07

These boys were spotted shopping at an independent boutique called dolls store. You might not know this, but Harry LOVES to eat Ayam Masak Manis and Tom Yam at Santai, TTDI. Try it!

Madam Maggie Tan, however, has a more affluent taste. She frequents Shangri-La Hotel to dine at Zipangu and Shang Palace. By the way, her cobalt-blue trousers were tailored. She was grateful to have her picture taken because "it makes me feel like I am beautiful, even though I am old".

Central Market Annexe - 03.11.07

Check out Dara's batik shirt. His favourite Raya cookie is Biskut Sarang Semut.

Kenji is sneaker pimping it up while customising a cap. He designs for Black Fryday.

Their favourite Raya cookies - Zaza digs Almond London, Ito loves Bahulu while Mas enjoys pineapple tarts.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Borders, The Curve - 01.11.07

Zara was the only person at Starbucks who's using a Mac (naturally they are more interesting to photograph than PC users). She digs Japanese artists like Chio Aoshima and Aya Kato. She was also wishing for some cheesy nachos.

Adrien would love to get a top hat to complete his outfit, while Alvin wants a leather jacket.