Monday, 7 January 2008

Bangsar Baru - 05.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Sam was shot at Gallo boutique in Bangsar Baru. She likes to dine at Café Café and digs designs by Viktor & Rolf. Her dream destination is Bangkok. What she'd like to buy if money is not the problem is limited edition CHANEL clothes.

Ethan is at his boutique in Bangsar Baru called Show Pink. He thought he "look like shit" when I asked him for a picture, but he doesn't look that bad, right?

LM is into home-cooked food, so naturally she buys her groceries at Bangsar Village Grocer. She thinks she's a boring person, even though she's wearing a t-shirt dating back to 1982. When being asked for her comment on the 'illegal demonstrations' happening in the city recently, she chooses a non-violence, gentle way for issues to be resolved.


K said...

wow! saw the writeup on this blog in KLue~ and you're only 20? and gets published in the same issue as SueAnnaJoe (luv her works~)? kick-arze!! you go, girl~! i love what u're doing (though i have to admit,i'm not fashionable myself. ha. it just gets better and better everytime i visit..

gogogogogo aina!

p/s: i posted previously by the name "kerd". just thought of making it simple with just K ;p

Linolumixa said...

Hehehe... you're too kind. Comments from people like you only make me want to get out to shoot more people, you know?

Asyraf Azahar said...

just popped up here after reading ur segment in KLue..which is cool haha.
great to see ppl with their variety style( it?)
u make me wanted to start a blog right now..haha anyway good luck with ur work lah.

agent orange said...

may i ask,where is dis gallo boutique located? n also show pink? :)

Linolumixa said...

You can find those boutiques on Jalan Telawi 2 and 3 in Bangsar Baru [where Bangsar Village is], the same road where Starbucks is. Just look up to the second floor of the shophouses. They're very hard to miss.

agent orange said...

oh tenks! btw, gud job there on capturing kool ppl on streets.i actually log on juz to get update wats new on ur blog.bes!