Saturday, 19 January 2008

Various locations - 10.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Taman Paramount LRT station

Mr. Khairi was waiting for the train at the Taman Paramount LRT station. He has a lot to say about the demonstration in KL that's a hot topic nowadays. "I am proud that Malaysia has political stability. These demonstrators feel like they have the right to demonstrate, but they are not complying with national policies. It's disrupting the system. I was a soldier during the Emergency and Confrontation. I feel like the demonstrators now don't acknowledge the struggle I have gone through, along with other people of my time". He has 3 children who are currently studying all over the world. He is helping out with a youth camp project because he thinks that "today's youth are too free". When asked about his favourite food, he likes cheap Malay food, and his wife's cooking. He also likes to eat steak.


Achik was on his way to meet a friend at Pavilion. He likes modern and contemporary architecture. The clothes he's wearing is from MNG and Seed. He enjoys clubbing at QBa, Zeta Bar and Frangipani.

dolls store


A.B is from Kampung Pandan. His clothes are from bundle shops. He wishes to be in Amsterdam because "it's a free place". When asked about Malaysia's achievement he is most proud of, he answered "public transportation".

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A.B., pass the dutchie man. I think you've had enough. proud of the public transportation? that crack is whack.