Thursday, 10 January 2008

WILD night, Palate Palette - 06.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Where does Owish like to eat? At Las Carettas, Ampang. His favourite prime minister of Malaysia is Tun Dr. Mahathir, but he also admires Tunku Abdul Rahman because "he gaves us freedom and built our country". An item that is high on his wishlist is a hoodie by Ice Cream's collaboration with Supreme. According to Owish, it's really expensive.

Duan loves eating at the mamak. Any mamak is good for him. He likes our current prime minister Pak Lah because "he's good". He'd like to live in an apartment in Bukit Tunku someday.

Arin admires Tun Dr. Mahathir because "he's the one who developed Malaysia". Her favourite car is called Fairlady.

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