Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bukit Bintang - 30.03.08

This Andy Warhol-looking uncle seemed mute, but he's setting the example for everyone to be awesome enough to pose for a picture.

Grandma is wearing a t-shirt and tailored culottes in PANTONE® solid coated 513 C and 274 C respectively.


melissa said...

Cool local sartorialist version blog. Keep up the good work. Am happy seeing fellow Malaysians are keeping up with fashion trends.

xo said...

this auntie was climbing up and down the pavillion stairs, entertaining her grandchildren


naboochadnezz said...

super cute outfit! can't believe she's a grandma yet still have an eye for vivid color combination

Kudos to the author of this blog.I was searching for A Msian street fashion blog after religiously reading The Sartorialist. You got me hooked. Definitely coming back.

miss said...

this is amazing

Anonymous said...

sweet jesus, granny! you gotta get yourself some spanx.

Aimi Nasruddin said...

that auntie looks so cool!
definitely a fashionista