Saturday, 28 June 2008

KLue urbanscapes, KLPAC - 28.06.08

Harith watches [or reads?] Manga and Petaling Street is his favourite spot to "browse around". He bought his Mondrian-inspired t-shirt at TOPMAN two days ago.

Dill [like the herb] has the colour brown in mind when she thinks of Scandinavia. Countries like Turkey and Russia intrigue her. Maybe because of its culture, she thinks. She wishes to make her mother happy. Thanks for visiting I Got Shot In The City every week, Dill!

Bee is the boss of a clothing stall. She is from Johore Bahru, where you can visit her shop at 9, Jln. Dhoby 80000 Johore Bahru. Apparently it's nearby City Square.

Guy 1 suggest you to buy his CDs.

Guy 2 supports Guy 1's suggestion.


shoptalk said...

hi there, were you with your mommy yesterday? i was manning one of the stalls there and saw you passed by. you have a great fashion style! :O

Linolumixa said...

Oho, yes. I came with my parents. I thought what I wore that day was very lame.

Ashleigh said...

Oh my!! I love Bee's skirt!! *salivates*

Keep up the good work! =D

nn said...

gonna look out for Bee's shop next time im in jb.