Saturday, 16 August 2008

Jalan TAR; Bukit Nanas - 15.08.08.

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Roy is from Johore Bahru and he is here in KL to study computer science. He's into the underground scene and frequent gigs at Central Market Annexe and MCPA hall. The best pasar malam in JB has got to be the one at Kampung Melayu.

Convent Bukit Nanas

Alicia Lee is a librarian, belonging to Form 2 N. When she hears the word 'Merdeka', she thinks of the 51 years of Malaysia's independence. One thing she would like to change about her school is the presence of monkeys coming from the neighbouring Bukit Nanas forest reserve.

Aazraa's name was designed in such way so that she would be the first person to be called out in class. When she thinks of 'Merdeka', she thinks of people in costumes. She would like the Ministry of Education to help keep her school clean, because there are hygiene problems in the bathrooms, canteen and class. If possible, add in air-conditioners! Her idea of fun is to chill out in her room by herself. She also believes that the school's nursery is haunted.

Form 2 student M. Asweenia is in her school's official PE clothes. To her, Merdeka means freedom, no one conquering the country and having a democratic government. The things she love about her school most are her teachers and the tradition of trekking up Bukit Nanas. She likes to chit chat on the phone with her friends, and meeting up with them at KLCC to watch movies.

Mr. Suhaimi was reading the newspapers while waiting for his daughter. He immediately relates the word 'Merdeka' to the date 31st August. He thinks the pasar malam at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is nice. When asked about the traffic jams he has to go through every evening after fetching his daughter, he says he is used to it, even though it takes 20 minutes to get to the highway to reach his home in Puchong. He will utilise public transportation if it was more efficient. He also admires the Eiffel Tower. The author, however, admires his hairstyle:

Guy is Korean and he's on his way to the church.

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Anonymous said...

great to see a style blog with Q&A's that don't only relate to superficial 'fashion' questions. perhaps it should be redeveloped into a 'social anthropology' blog instead.

your blog provides nice gentle insights into the minds of Malaysians. and as the updates show, NOT JUST trendy people who frequent fashion parties, socialites, label whores, etc. (enough of them please? although admittedly they can be fun to see - but always - the same faces!)

please keep the updates coming.

naboochadnezz said...

Happy Belated Merdeka Day! Too bad I couldn't celebrate in Msia..

kool hairdo Encik Suhaimi!

Izham Miyake said...


Is he working with EDS?

If he is, I used to be his office mate.