Sunday, 31 August 2008

RANtAi Merdeka, Jaya One - 31.08.08.

When someone mentions Scandinavia in front of Hani, a picture of a red book titled 'Netherlands Architecture' pops up in her mind. A unit of the luxury high-rise residence The Troika is her top desired luxury item. When you serve her vegetables, make sure they have leaves; never peas. Or cook her a chinese stir-fry vegetable dish.

Kira loves brocolli. She was at The Curve last night to celebrate Merdeka Day, but is disappointed by the overabundance of Mat Rempits there. This is Kira's second appearance in I Got Shot [can you guess when was her first appearance?].

Guy 1 is so photogenic, right?

Guy 2 wears a graphic t-shirt from TOPMAN.

Guy 3 bought his duo-toned jeans in Singapore. Everyone, follow this trend!

Unkl guy packages his label's wallets in these Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk container-inspired boxes.


Anonymous said...

Hmm she associates "Netherlands Architecture" with Scandinavian? Hmmm.

The Shoplifters said...

Hey, Hani's maxi dress if from The Shoplifters! :))

Izham Miyake said...

Hi there..

I love the expressions you captured in your photos, especially in this entry.

It would have been better if you can take a full figure photos, slightly below their waist line.

Try it out and compare them with your current way of shooting the figures then..

Thanx :)

mei said...

guy 3 goes to my school.

lana madihah said...

hey.i was abt to ask whre did hani got that dress.
its from the shoplifters!

Anonymous said...

hahaha ditto, anonymous guy #1. freakin morons man these people. does anyone know bout adi putra, boy genius? after watching "the cleverest kid and me" on bbc i have to say i'm embarrassed to call myself a malaysian.

Anonymous said...

PS: guy 1's name is danial