Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bangsar Baru - 27.09.08.

Farrah, a Windows user, loves to eat Caramel Pudding from Cheras during the month of Ramadan. She hopes to own any type of Chanel handbag, as long as it's an original.


lana madihah said...

i adore her glitter shoes!
n hey, 2709 is my burfday yaw.

Anonymous said...

ah bangsar.

i must say the selections there are not as great anymore – plus ..... SEVENDAYS... what has happened to you? where are the chic hedi slimane x wallpaper* posters on your walls? where's the ibook? PLUS the clothes? has it turned into some disastrous cool-tone fluorescent fridge of a boutique?!

that new menswear shop.. UNDERLINE, such a disgrace to avant garde designers with their cheapo A-grade ripoffs!

Anonymous said...

dear farrah, you won't be able to pull-off real chanel anyway. maybe if you didn't look so much like an indon maid stuck in the 50s. just maybe =)
bisou bisou xx

Anonymous said...

Is the Underline shop in Bangsar really selling ripoffs?