Sunday, 14 December 2008

A rooftop show in Bukit Bintang - 13.12.08.

Ann takes her accessories seriously, while Atix's most liked feature is his body. Ann is really digging the vintage look, popularised by Nicole Richie. Atix however, is into works Keith Haring.


naboonies said...

Ann's shoes are pretty wicked.

LOL at 'generic guy' !!

kikiEy said...

nice pix btw

Mary-Annnnnnnnnnnnnnn said...

sexy ya

i especially like the guy with his boxers coming out in the last pic. is that even acceptable, bearing his body like that! guys please follow this trend..... call-boy chic (re: dirty and greasy)

ms. piggy said...

wah igotshot, u so happenin dude... how u look like? post pics... do you like wear scarfs out????! pls post pic so u can inspire us clueless reader lollolz

these places i never go b4... always see normal girl and guy... LOlOl... boring already in my office in pj, people in stripes shirts n polo tshirt on casual friday

Anonymous said...

i'm waiting for a nip-slip, phonebooth guy. you sexy minx you