Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tomboys & Angels + Art For Grabs; Central Market Annexe - 20.12.08.

Do you like Dill's peacock feather hair clip?

Do you like Guy, pouting's yard ribbon?

Do you like Lady's shoulder wrap?

Do you like Fahmi's makeup?


naboonies said...

Comment for every pic:

Dill: yes i like the hair clip! and the hermes fabric tote is ironic HAHA (hermes = leather ware)

Guy pouting: makeup + pout! total androgyny. like the bow / ribbon thingy

LAdy: she's so nonchalant as though it's a candid picture (is it?). the draping effect of the scarf looks natural, but i'm not sure anout the whole outfit though.

Fahmi: ok i think i saw this shirt on

the make-up? biase je.

PS: where's your usual quirky facts about the person in each pic?

Anonymous said...

haha ipod dj-ing hipster in makeup... looks like he belongs to a druggie party @ instead - and maybe listens to MGMT or the smiths a lot.

i detect an american accent!!!!!!!!!

love your observations... keep it up baby

steve mobs said...

fahmi is so pretty... can i kiss him?

//dill said...

naboonies, my friend munkao made that bag, he is a man of ironies (sp?).
check out his website
he's really funny.

be a fan of him on facebook!

fahmi is having a telepathic moment.

stolen item said...

munkao damn famous for penises and sex thoughts right? amazingly gay (though he's straight)

haha makcik fesyen

pls update more we love u

Ireen said...

wow, i saw my creation, peacock feather clip!!please allow me to hav tat pictures to post in my blog? thanks in advance ya

Ultrasoundscoops said...

I like the way Guy apply his eyeliner
It's artistic
The pouting shows attitude

Anonymous said...

dear naboonies, your comments are seriously annoying. please stop.