Monday, 28 January 2008

KLPac Open Day - 27.01.08

Fatihah likes to eat meatballs and buy pots at IKEA, while Nabihan admires Julian Casablancas' "masculine fashion sense".

Monday, 21 January 2008

Bangsar Baru - 21.01.08

Mary was spotted near the Brabus showroom. At the time her picture was taken, she's craving for Daim chocolates.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Kinokuniya, KLCC - 17.01.08

Malek, in Cheap Monday jeans, was browsing some industrial design books at Kinokuniya. His favourite fashion item is a 1985 Issey Miyake bodice. Zaha Hadid's BMW Central Building in Leipzig, Germany is his favourite work of architecture. He'd love to visit London or Paris some day.

Taman Aman - 11.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Masjid India area - 11.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Rizal is from Sabah and he's here at Masjid India with his family. He likes to eat Nasi Goreng Pattaya. If he could go anywhere in the world, it would be London.

Marion and Steven are from Darwin, Australia. They are spending four days here in KL. Marion got the fabric for her dress in Yogyakarta, then having it tailor-made at Bali.

Rohani is a tailor at Wisma Yakin. She has been living in KL all her live, but her kampung is in Mersing, Johore. She admits she's not a good cook, but her husband likes to eat he mutton curry and fried vegetables. What she is proud of the most about Malaysia is that there are no difference between people; to be exact, the people here are muhibbah.

Various locations - 10.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Taman Paramount LRT station

Mr. Khairi was waiting for the train at the Taman Paramount LRT station. He has a lot to say about the demonstration in KL that's a hot topic nowadays. "I am proud that Malaysia has political stability. These demonstrators feel like they have the right to demonstrate, but they are not complying with national policies. It's disrupting the system. I was a soldier during the Emergency and Confrontation. I feel like the demonstrators now don't acknowledge the struggle I have gone through, along with other people of my time". He has 3 children who are currently studying all over the world. He is helping out with a youth camp project because he thinks that "today's youth are too free". When asked about his favourite food, he likes cheap Malay food, and his wife's cooking. He also likes to eat steak.


Achik was on his way to meet a friend at Pavilion. He likes modern and contemporary architecture. The clothes he's wearing is from MNG and Seed. He enjoys clubbing at QBa, Zeta Bar and Frangipani.

dolls store


A.B is from Kampung Pandan. His clothes are from bundle shops. He wishes to be in Amsterdam because "it's a free place". When asked about Malaysia's achievement he is most proud of, he answered "public transportation".

Hospital Serdang - 09.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Madam Zaidah was visiting her daughter at a ward in Hospital Serdang. She likes to eat Nasi Beriyani Johor cooked by Mak Jah. Her favourite prime minister is Pak Lah because he is a good religious leader.

My Chemical Romance at Stadium Merdeka - 09.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Kay is a college student who enjoys listening to Avenged Sevenfold and Muse. She lives in Shah Alam, but likes to hang out at MidValley. Her fashion inspiration is street fashion.

Din and Adik comes from Putrajaya. They listen to All-American Rejects and Muse. Bukit Bintang is their favourite place to hang out. They think that Malaysia's biggest achievement is Putrajaya for being "the first intelligent city in the world".

Ina and Amy are from Kelana Jaya. That's where Amy gets his hair done, at a salon called Snips. Their favourite bands include The Used and Finch. They style idol is Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. They like to shop at Sungei Wang.

Mont Kiara - 08.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Fiza and Rozana likes to ride on Harley-Davidson motorbikes. Their favourite place to hang out is at Pelita, Bukit Tinggi. They admire Pak Lah because he's "penyayang".

Thursday, 10 January 2008

TOPSHOP, MidValley Megamall - 08.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Dita is from Jakarta, and she visits KL once every two months. Back in Jakarta, she likes to eat at Crystal Jade for their Prawn and Salted Eggs. But in KL, she prefers to eat at Madam Kwans. She recommends for a guide to Jakarta's nightlife.

WILD night, Palate Palette - 06.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Where does Owish like to eat? At Las Carettas, Ampang. His favourite prime minister of Malaysia is Tun Dr. Mahathir, but he also admires Tunku Abdul Rahman because "he gaves us freedom and built our country". An item that is high on his wishlist is a hoodie by Ice Cream's collaboration with Supreme. According to Owish, it's really expensive.

Duan loves eating at the mamak. Any mamak is good for him. He likes our current prime minister Pak Lah because "he's good". He'd like to live in an apartment in Bukit Tunku someday.

Arin admires Tun Dr. Mahathir because "he's the one who developed Malaysia". Her favourite car is called Fairlady.

Laundry Bar, The Curve - 06.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

This little lady sings for The Otherside Orchestra.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Bangsar Baru - 05.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Sam was shot at Gallo boutique in Bangsar Baru. She likes to dine at Café Café and digs designs by Viktor & Rolf. Her dream destination is Bangkok. What she'd like to buy if money is not the problem is limited edition CHANEL clothes.

Ethan is at his boutique in Bangsar Baru called Show Pink. He thought he "look like shit" when I asked him for a picture, but he doesn't look that bad, right?

LM is into home-cooked food, so naturally she buys her groceries at Bangsar Village Grocer. She thinks she's a boring person, even though she's wearing a t-shirt dating back to 1982. When being asked for her comment on the 'illegal demonstrations' happening in the city recently, she chooses a non-violence, gentle way for issues to be resolved.

Pavilion - 04.12.07 [as seen in KLue issue 111]

Iskandar is a pastry chef from Angus Steakhouse. Where he likes to eat, however, is at the mamak near Hotel Grand Millennium. He thinks that the best way to voice out opinions about the government is when it causes the least damage to public property and the safety of everyone, such as posting them online.

He is wearing a pair of gingham trousers and a black jacket from Atria, Damansara Jaya. He likes his clothes cheap, but tasteful.